1. Introduction

Several Ekco models, most notably the AD65, the A22 and the AC76/AD76 models, use large circular or semi-circular backlit dials.

The original dials were screen printed on to what appears to be celluloid or, with regards to the A22, a plastic similar to Perspex and because of their size and shape are difficult to reproduce. Undaunted, I decided to try and make my own reproduction versions.

I began with the A22 - unlike most other vintage radios, the dial is a major part of the overall appearance and appeal of the set. I began by obtaining as many images of the A22 dial from the internet, books and magazines that I could.

From my research in this area I quickly realised there were two distinct dials used - which I arbitarily labelled "Type-1" and "Type-2".

It appears that the colour of the short wave legend on both types of dial can be either black or blue, with the black legend more commonly seen.

There are also, apparently original, dials in circulation which use much thinner legends and fonts. I have yet to physically examine a dial of this kind, but my initial efforts were in fact based on images of such a dial as they were the best I had to work with at the time.

A further variation can be seen between the dials used in the black/chrome and brown/bronze versions of the A22. The background of the dial in the black/chrome set being much 'whiter' than the corresponding dial used in the brown/bronze model.