Kiwa Medium Wave Loop

The Kiwa Medium Wave Loop is designed with special features to improve reception under difficult conditions. The loop employs a 12 inch circular air-core fully balanced design to improve nulling ability and to provide noise immunity from interference.

The loop tunes from 530 to 1700 kHz - a fine tuning control augments the main control for precise tuning. The loop may be rotated and tilted - a geared tilt control enabling maximum signal pickup or accurate nulling of unwanted signals and interference.

A regeneration control allows adjustment of the -6dB antenna bandwidth from 15 kHz to less than 2 kHz - ideal for MW DX use. A Local/DX pre-amp switch provides attenuation of strong signals in the "Local" position while increasing the bandwidth for improved fidelity.

A variable attenuator provides control of signal level output, with dual output amplifiers providing drive for two receivers simultaneously.

Construction uses teflon for all pivot points and is made entirely of non-metallic parts to prevent interaction with the loop element. The control surface which is housed in a heavy duty steel chassis is kept distant by connection with an 8 ft control cable.